Tuesday, August 25, 2009


This song is so fucking ill...Shit been on repeat!!!!
Produced by Dre Skull out on Mixpak Records NOW!!

The people that make millions....

I have stoppeed listening to the radio for the most part, stopped my cable service , and honestly I couldn't be happier. All day we hear this pre-fab garbage pushed on us as the next big thing... With that being said its amazes me the amount of money these talentless fuckholes make. To cut my rant short... Why are these musicians pretty much unknown and not swimming in lakes of money like Soulja Boy??

Courtesy of http://candyrat.com/

The_Sheist! aka Stevie Rave On aka Darth Brooks

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Twist Again

I freakin' love Twista. The man has only had like three or four songs worth a damn, but god damn, they are awesome.

Slow Jamz

Overnight Celebrity

And most recently... Wetter

What brilliant songs! I swear you put this shit on with your lady and she'll be half naked before verse 2, fully nude by the third chorus, and moaning by the next track.

There's a pretty cool remix/mashup of Overnight Celebrity. Its got bits of Underworld - Born Slippy as the backing, kind of cheesy, but well done. Punters will like it.

Here's one produced by Kanye and with some great Prince noises to compliment Twista - I Can Make You Say. Another sexy one.

Here's a baltimore-ish mix by Young Live of Diamonds on my Neck, pretty sweet!

And I'll throw in this Alchemist/Maxwell/Twista collaboration: Smile.

I need to do it faster, baby.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

15 Laws of the Street

So just the other night I was playing my regular gig at Shabashabu in Raleigh, Friday night, the bar is hoppin', heads are eatin' sushi and gettin' down to some old school blast master Chris, when a funny thing happened. A gentleman inconspicuously approached me at the booth and discreetly handed me this manual of sorts - "15 Laws of the Street". I was dumbfounded and remain so, however the knowledge entombed within is invaluable. The dedication:
This is dedicated to the Street Soldiers trying to make a way from no way. We have potential beyond our knowledge, so it seems. The question is when do we begin to walk into and embrace this knowledge? Our lives are valuable and it is only when we know this in our heart of hearts that change comes about. I stand in judgement of no man."

Pretty epic.

I'm not sure what it was about my appearance that deemed me worthy of this generous gift of knowledge, maybe the mustache, maybe the KRS-1, maybe the ostrich boots or the big ass belt buckle, I'm not sure. However I'm obviously doing something right, and ladies I'm single!

I've been studying the laws of the streets, and I have to say I feel much more confident around black people. I can now recognize snitches, I know I shouldn't keep my stash at my crib, and I learned that if I want to get educated I should spend some time in prison! I'll be living much more dangerously from here out, needless to say. I can use some education.

In other news, I heard this new Vex'd track, I fucking love Vex'd, can't fucking get enough, SATURN'S REPLY, constant repeat for like two weeks!



In System Travel EP on Boomkat

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The beats AIRTIGHT....

On June 9th Drlkt Freddie is dropping their single Airtight on DANR music. The release will include remixes from Trevor Loveys, Tronik Youth and Dept. as well as Sonic Truth!!! Its our first release and we are super stoked. Peep it at Beatport and other online stores next month.
About DANR MusicRecord label founder Alexander Technique is an international producer and DJ who co-founded music collective DJs Are Not Rockstars with Princess Superstar. The two of them toured and produced under the moniker for years. After holding down residencies at local NYC hotspots and continuing to take the DANR name around the world on international tour dates, Alexander Technique has expanded the concept to a record label of talented producers and DJs that will be turning out original releases and official remixes of the best underground and mainstream artists. DANR Music artists include Alexander Technique, Larry Tee, Lauren Flax, Van Scott, Jad Cooper and Drlkt Freddie.


The_Sheist! aka Stevie Rave On aka Darth Brooks


The_Sheist! aka Stevie Rave On aka Darth Brooks

Friday, May 1, 2009


Bladerunners are a group from Boston with MAD swagger. From there glitched out edits to there mixtapes. They are bringing heat to the masses. Here is a few quotes about the Bladerunners...

Bladerunners make the Hot Fire you can actually play out at a club and make people happy"

"One of the most impressive Cut and Paste Tapes in a while (possibly one of the best ever!)"
- Turntablelab.com

"Through creative Re-Edits and live DJ Sets Boston Producers/Record Spinners The Bladerunners have found a way to inject sorely needed flavor into the nightclubs of the World's Most Palest City"
- The Fader

"This shit takes me back to grade school when i used to run home after class to tape 92 ktu's "paco super mix". the show was so off the hook with the mixes and crazy edit's, that it influenced my style of djing and producing tremendously. this cd is definitely that type of shit!!!
- DJ Riz (Crooklyn Clan)

Peep their new house mix

Cajmere - Brighter Days (BLADERUNNERS EDIT)
Kenny Dope - Jam the Mace
DJ Sneak - React that Booty
Joshua Heath - Something Else
Mike Dunn - Get Yo House On
Sandy Rivera - Come Into My Room
Mr V - Bring the Beat Back
Sun of Aphrodite - Vibrations
Yogi & Husky - Outta Ya Mind
Jennifer Carbonell - Broken Pieces
Soni - Love Sick
Kaje Ft Sasha Williams - Butterflies
Nathan Adams & Zepherin Saint - Circles
DJ Meme - Any Love (Dimitry from Paris Mix)

Also here is their Cajmere - Brighter Days Edit

The_Sheist!,aka Stevie Rave On, aka Darth Brooks

It IS unusual.....

Don't ask why i was watching Tom Jones on youtube but, watch this amazingly creepy dance move at 0.58 till 1.12. I am scared and turned on all at once. AND AT 2.11 this dude does a chewbacca noise. I mean i have to give it up...pure talent. It takes some major balls to do Star Wars noises in a song. I bet Tom Jones bet his #2 Sax player 200 dollas he would do a chewbacca noise. At the end of the gig he was like "pay up,bitch!!!! oh and another 120 for that akward hop." You can hear some lady in the background swoon when he does the chewy at 2.14........

The_Sheist! aka Stevie Rave On aka Darth Brooks

Sunday, April 12, 2009

One of my favorite albums of all time "Check Your Head" by the Beastie Boys just got the "re-mastered and re-released" treatment.  CYH was one of my most influential albums of all time (next to Nevermind and Endtroducing).  I had it on tape from one of my brother's friends (Eddie) when I was in the 5th grade.  Totally blew me away.  Especially the instrumental tracks.  Not only did these guys rap, but they could play real instruments.  Who does that?  I can definitely say that album is a big part of the reason I play bass the way I play and eventually found my way over to the turntables.  So when I read about this being re-released yesterday you can imagine my enthusiasm.  

Anyways, it's a pretty slick deal.  I ordered my copy last night on double cd.  You can also check out a commentary of the album here, which is awesome (MCA talks about the fuzz bass).  Peace 

-Randy Lester

Saturday, April 11, 2009

What up 'erbody? Got a couple of videos I'm feeling at the moment.  Yeah I know they're from last year but some of the fans have been asking for some blog love. So here ya go. Check it...

Lykke LI - I'm Good, I'm Gone

Death Cab for Cutie - I Will Possess Your Heart


Vampire Weekend w/ Chromeo - The Kids Don't Stand A Chance

- Randy Lester

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bacardi B-Live Tour

Looking Forward to this!!!!!

Holy Fucking Heavy Line Up Batman!!!!

Major Lazer (Diplo & Switch), MSTRKRFT, Jazzy Jeff, Tiga, A-Trak, Matt & Kim and Santigold

Tour Dates are looking like this so far.........

Wednesday, May 20 Seattle, WA
Friday, May 22 San Francisco, CA
Thursday, May 28 San Diego, CA
Friday, May 29 Los Angeles, CA
Saturday, May 30 Phoenix, AZ
Wednesday, June 3 Denver, CO
Saturday, June 6 Kansas City, MO
Thursday, June 11 Milwaukee, WI
Friday, June 12 Chicago, IL
Saturday, June 13 St. Louis, MO
Wednesday, June 17 New York, NY
Thursday, June 18 Boston, MA
Friday, June 19 Philadelphia, PA
Thursday, June 25 Louisville, KY
Friday, June 26 Cleveland, OH
Saturday, June 27 Columbus, OH
Thursday, July 2 Charlotte, NC
Friday, July 3 Atlanta, GA
Saturday, July 4 Orlando, FL
Wednesday, July 8 New Orleans, LA
Friday, July 10 Austin, TX
Saturday, July 11 Dallas, TX

I know where you can find the TRUTH on July 2nd................

The_Sheist! aka Stevie Rave On, aka Darth Brooks

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Lil Jon And Diplo At WMC

Big Up to Hey Whore Hey aka akkare for this video. Dude if you got any closer you could of shanked lil jon.

Here is Hey Whore Heys page on youtube. Peep the tons of video he has on there.

also peep this forum he runs

The_Sheist! aka Stevie Rave On aka Darth Brooks


Brick Bandits...SWING DAT SHIT!!!!!

The_Sheist! aka Stevie Rave On aka Darth Brooks

Balls Are Dope

Its Spring time and time to go hard. Not limp like my cock after a marathon fuck for five hours. (Stingstylee) I think of spring like the beginning of a righteous boner. You know something good is on the horizon. Although you're not sure what it is yet. Sonic Truth is ready to jam our snotty love muscle into the stink of the music world.

Sonic Truth - Stanky Legg (DeM SoNiC TrooF BoyZ Remix)


Drlkt Freddie - Airtight (Sonic Truth Bmore Remix)


PRGz - Hood Celebrity (Sonic Truth Remix)


INXS - Not Enough Time (Sonic Truth Edit)


Sonic Truth - Thinking About Camay (Cat Power VS Ghostface)


Sonic Truth - Unspoken Under The Bridge (Chilli Peppers VS Fourtet)


or here's a zip file hosted on mediafire to download all 6 in one:


and in case you missed our first 20 track release, here's the download link for the zip file:


the tracklisting:

Bobby Light - Dirty Girl (Sonic Truth Remix)
Busta Rhymes - Wooha! (Sonic Truth Remix)
GhostFace Killah - Cherzcherz La Ghost (Sonic Truth Edit)
Jim Jones - We Fly High (Sonic Truth Remix)
Justice - D.A.N.C.E. (Mstrkrft Remix Sonic Truth Disco Edit)
Latryx - Lady Don't Tekno (Sonic Truth Edit)
Nore - Super Thug (Sonic Truth Edit)
Sonic Truth - Courtship Technology (Crystal Castles VS 50 & Justin)
Sonic Truth - Digital Lovin' (Daft Punk VS Minnie Riperton)
Sonic Truth - Girls Around The World (Daft Punk VS Lloyd & Lil Wayne)
Sonic Truth - Jacob Dub
Sonic Truth - Mangled Love
Sonic Truth - Nasty Girl (Biggie VS Vanity 6)
Sonic Truth - Night Shifter (Benga & Coki VS Amit)
Sonic Truth - Paper Look (M.I.A. VS Nas)
Sonic Truth - Push In This Club (Gameboy Gamegirl VS Usher)
Sonic Truth - Ready To Get It On The Floor (Hot Chip VS DMX)
Sonic Truth - What I Am Honey (Edie Brickell VS 9th Wonder)
Swizz Beats & Lil' Wayne - Up In The Club (Sonic Truth Edit)
TV On The Radio - Staring At The Sun (Sonic Truth Edit)

Yours Truly,
The_Sheist! aka Stevie Rave On aka Darth Brooks

Friday, December 5, 2008