Thursday, July 2, 2009

Twist Again

I freakin' love Twista. The man has only had like three or four songs worth a damn, but god damn, they are awesome.

Slow Jamz

Overnight Celebrity

And most recently... Wetter

What brilliant songs! I swear you put this shit on with your lady and she'll be half naked before verse 2, fully nude by the third chorus, and moaning by the next track.

There's a pretty cool remix/mashup of Overnight Celebrity. Its got bits of Underworld - Born Slippy as the backing, kind of cheesy, but well done. Punters will like it.

Here's one produced by Kanye and with some great Prince noises to compliment Twista - I Can Make You Say. Another sexy one.

Here's a baltimore-ish mix by Young Live of Diamonds on my Neck, pretty sweet!

And I'll throw in this Alchemist/Maxwell/Twista collaboration: Smile.

I need to do it faster, baby.