Wednesday, June 10, 2009

15 Laws of the Street

So just the other night I was playing my regular gig at Shabashabu in Raleigh, Friday night, the bar is hoppin', heads are eatin' sushi and gettin' down to some old school blast master Chris, when a funny thing happened. A gentleman inconspicuously approached me at the booth and discreetly handed me this manual of sorts - "15 Laws of the Street". I was dumbfounded and remain so, however the knowledge entombed within is invaluable. The dedication:
This is dedicated to the Street Soldiers trying to make a way from no way. We have potential beyond our knowledge, so it seems. The question is when do we begin to walk into and embrace this knowledge? Our lives are valuable and it is only when we know this in our heart of hearts that change comes about. I stand in judgement of no man."

Pretty epic.

I'm not sure what it was about my appearance that deemed me worthy of this generous gift of knowledge, maybe the mustache, maybe the KRS-1, maybe the ostrich boots or the big ass belt buckle, I'm not sure. However I'm obviously doing something right, and ladies I'm single!

I've been studying the laws of the streets, and I have to say I feel much more confident around black people. I can now recognize snitches, I know I shouldn't keep my stash at my crib, and I learned that if I want to get educated I should spend some time in prison! I'll be living much more dangerously from here out, needless to say. I can use some education.

In other news, I heard this new Vex'd track, I fucking love Vex'd, can't fucking get enough, SATURN'S REPLY, constant repeat for like two weeks!



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